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  • How a bidding
    procedure works

    Here we describe how the opportunities are divulged, the content of a public notice, and the stages of the bidding procedure.

    The means of disclosure of the bidding procedure

    Our bidding public notices for hiring goods and services are widely publicized, allowing any interested party to register. See where we disclose information about our opportunities:

    Ícone: portal petronect

    Petronect Portal

    Our bidding public notice documents, their respective attachments and all communications related to the bidding process are disclosed in full on the Petronect Portal. The information is kept available for queries during the bidding process.

    Ícone: diário oficial da união (DOU)

    Federal Official Register (DOU)

    An extract of the bidding document containing the succinct description of the subject matter of the bidding and reference information to participate in the process is published in the Federal Official Register (FOR).

    Ícone: notificações


    Companies that are in our Suppliers Registry may receive notices by e-mail informing the availability of the public notices for the families related to the subject matter of the bidding.