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    Manufacturing inspection

    We inspect supplier and subsupplier facilities in order to verify the compliance of the equipment or materials manufactured. The inspection is aimed at checking whether the manufacturing is in accordance with the documents attached to the contract signed with Petrobras.

    Our inspection is carried out in accordance with the ABC of Inspection and with the General Inspection Requirement for all purchases of goods that require technical qualification.

    ABC of Inspection: Informative instrument that clarifies the manufacturing inspection activity for suppliers of goods in addition to the contractual, normative, and guidance documents.

    General Inspection Requirement: Sets the minimum manufacturing inspection requirements to be met in direct or indirect purchases whose final customer is Petrobras. The general inspection requirement applies to all purchases of goods that require technical qualification.

    Supplementary inspection requirement: The supplementary manufacturing inspection requirements are specific to each family and define in advance the contractual requirements relating to the manufacturing inspection for that good.

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