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    Get to know the main aspects involved in managing a contract.


    We make payments in accordance with the nature of the service or the supply of goods. 

    The payment conditions of the services contracts are set forth under the Legal Contractual Instrument (ICJ). 

    For the supply of goods, the payment conditions are addressed under the Petrobras Material Supply Conditions (CFM) and featured in the purchase order.

    In the case of sporadic and low-value hirings, the deadline for the payment for small services is set in the service registration sheet (FRS) and, in the case of goods, the payment deadline is defined in the purchase order.

    If you have any question or in the event of inconsistencies, please contact Petronect.

    Service invoice

    The service payment process starts with the submission of the Service Registration Sheet (FRS) or the contract measurement report. The supplier must submit these documents and request the creation of the service invoice protocol in the Petronect Portal. To make this request, there is no need to go to one of our facilities.

    Only in the event the documents are not available in the electronic form, the supplier must send the physical documents to the address:

    Petróleo Brasileiro S/A - Petrobras

    Av. República do Chile, n°. 65
    Centro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ - CEP 20031-912
    Ed. EDISE - 13° andar - sala 1301
    Assunto: Documento protocolado pelo Portal Petronect – Arquivamento

    The protocol number that is generated is sent via e-mail and the supplier can use it to track the progress of the case in the Petronect Portal.

    If there is any inconsistency in the information submitted for the admission of the protocol creation request, the request is rejected and the reason for rejection is reported. Thus, the supplier can correct and forward the same request.

    Invoice for goods

    The protocol for the payment of materials is generated automatically from the receipt of the Electronic Invoice XML file (NF-e, template 55). The supplier must send this invoice in the XML format through the Petronect Portal or to

    By choosing to forward the XML file via e-mail, it is critical that the supplier access the Petronect Portal to track the demand status and the XML file receiving process. The file might be modified by the software used for issuance and, therefore, be corrupted for receipt.

    The system validates the invoice with the previously registered purchase order and assigns the RECE status to the payment process, which indicates that the material must be received for the NF-e to be issued.

    The process status can be checked on the Petronect Portal.