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    Get to know the main aspects involved in managing a contract.

    Supplier performance evaluation

    We periodically evaluate our suppliers’ performance in the contracts for the supply of goods and services. We look into the Quality, Time, Management, and HSE criteria in order to measure performance in contracted item delivery.

    Supplier Performance Index

    We use the Supplier Performance Index (Portuguese acronym IDF) to measure the performance of companies related to the supply of goods and services in effective contracts in effect from October 24, 2016.

    Each supplier is rated with a global IDF score that ranges from 1 (very bad) to 6 (excellent) and reflects the average score of each good provided or service rendered in the previous 12 months.

    IDF scores are assigned by delivery, family, and based on the supplier’s global score. All of them can be checked out on the Petronect Portal.

    • Service IDF: Evaluation through standardized questionnaires. We analyze the term, quality, management, and SEH.
    • Goods IDF: Delivery evaluation. We analyze quality and delivery time.

    In the case of service contracts signed before October 24, 2016, the Performance Evaluation Bulletin (Portuguese acronym BAD) scores on a scale of 0 to 100 are converted into IDF scores.

    System of consequences

    We apply the following consequence measures to suppliers as provided for in our System of Consequences, in compliance with the current legislation:

    • Administrative Sanctions: Warning, suspension, administrative fine, and prohibition from participating in bidding and contracting with the Petrobras System.
    • Impediment from participating in hiring and signing of contracts: This may occur due to sanctions applied by Petrobras; Transparency Portal sanctions applicable to Petrobras; High Degree of Integrity Risk (GRI); termination from the National Registry of Legal Entities (CNPJ - Brazilian Companies) at the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service, and precautionary blocks.
    • Non-qualification in Bidding: Performance evaluations can be used as a requirement to qualify suppliers in hiring processes. Suppliers with Low IDFs may be disqualified from public bidding under the argument of unsatisfactory technical quality.
    • Disqualification in the Registry: The supplier’s registration and the status of its families of goods and services may be subject to revision due to Low Performance, resulting in technical disqualification (cancellation) from families; this may eventually be reversed. For this, the supplier must submit justification and an action plan to the Petronect Portal’s Contact Us section, which will be subject to analysis.

    Acknowledgment of suppliers

    Each year, through the Best Petrobras Suppliers award, we acknowledge suppliers who stand out for their relevant participation in the delivery of goods and services with value generation, making the difference in terms of performance in term, quality, management, HSE, compliance, and integrity. The rules of the 2018 edition of the award are already available .

    Our objective is to encourage commitment to excellence and strengthen the spirit of collaboration and partnership, in line with the norms and company expectations.