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    Novelties to increase transparency and participation in our hiring.

    Standardization catalog

    We use standardized documents in several of our hirings. These documents can be checked out on the Electronic Standardization Catalog (CEP).

    Using the catalog does not prevent us from making the necessary adjustments to each bidding procedure in order to adapt the standardized documentation to the specificities of the hiring.

    Call notices

    Bidding, open auction rite, request for proposals for direct hiring, and call notices for pre-qualification, and addenda templates.

    Draft contracts

    Draft contracts that are used in accordance with the purpose of the contract.

    Eligibility requirements

    Requirements that are used for the registration, qualification and pre-qualification of suppliers according to the families (supply lines) of the goods and services.

    Inspection requirement

    Requirements to check, at the supplier or subsuppliers’ facilities, whether the equipment or materials manufactured comply with the contractual documents.

    Technical norms

    Our Technical Norms set forth the technical requirements and practices Petrobras and its suppliers use for design, manufacturing, construction & assembly, commissioning, operation, inspection and maintenance activities.

    The Petrobras Technical Norms (NTPs) are our sole property and, as such, they are subject to the applicable laws governing the matter. The NTPs available here are those classified as public.

    Users who downloading the NTPs state they are aware of all the Public NTPs Cession Clauses.

    Technical specifications

    Our technical specifications feature the best practices and requirements for the delivery of various goods and services. The documents related to the specifications can be accessed below, per category.

    Send questions or suggestions about the TSs that have been published to


    Ícone: equipamento de proteção

    Work uniforms and clothes for the various activities/jobs carried out at Petrobras are an important part of the personal protection equipment. For graphic representations of uniforms and clothing our work force wears, go to the work uniforms and clothes visual reference guide.