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    Evaluation criteria

    We evaluate each supplier pursuant to criteria. These criteria are determined according to the type of supply and families reported at the company’s Identification stage.

    Legal criterion

    This criterion aims to check whether the obligations with government agencies have been met by evaluating a few documents that every company legally constituted in its country of origin has.

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    The submitted documents must be valid at the time the questionnaire is submitted.

    Economic criterion

    This criterion aims to survey accounting indicators to provide a diagnosis about the supplier’s true economic and financial condition.

    Accounting indicators considered are:

    • Current Liquidity
    • General Liquidity
    • General Solvency
    • Leverage
    • Net Worth
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    The documents submitted by Brazilian suppliers must be signed by the company’s legal representative and accountant.

    Technical criterion

    The purpose of this criterion is to analyze the company’s capacity to produce the goods and/or provide the services, evaluating supply tradition and good performance. The requirements vary according to the scope of the intended family.

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    If the company has already provided Goods and/or Services to Petrobras, it suffices to report the service contract or purchase order number for the delivered goods in the questionnaire.

    TEC-SMS (HSE Criterion)

    This criterion seeks to verify the service providers’ Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 standard, and the Environmental Management System (EMS), according to ISO 14001.

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    Suppliers who submit the ISO 14001 certification will be exempt from the other EMS requirements.

    Suppliers who submit the OHSAS 18001 or ISO 45001 certification will be exempt from the other OHSMS requirements.

    Resale/distribution criterion

    This criterion aims to link the manufacturer’s data to resellers/distributors, without the need to submit additional documentation.

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    In addition to legal and economic criteria approval, the supplier will only be able to resell if the informed manufacturer is duly qualified in the intended family.

    Integrity criterion

    Evaluation of reputation, suitability, and anti-corruption practices in accordance with the completion of the Integrity Due Diligence (DDI) questionnaire.

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    Go to the section on Compliance to get to know the DDI better.