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    Get to know the benefits of being in our Suppliers Registry and learn how to get registered.

    Why register

    Registration as a tool for qualification and pre-qualification

    The Registry plays an important role at the qualification and pre-qualification stages, which precede the approval of a contract.

    Before participating in a hiring process, a registered supplier can guarantee in advance that it meets the qualification requirements featured in the bidding document. Thus, the registered supplier is exempted from submitting documentation during the hiring process, minimizing the risk of disqualification.

    Using registration as a tool for qualification and pre-qualification is provided for in Article 22 of the Petrobras Bid and Contract Regulation (RLCP).

    Notifications of bids

    Another benefit for suppliers who have already registered is that they get notifications about new public opportunities.

    Whenever a new announcement is posted on the Portal Petronect, registered companies whose families are associated with the subject matter of the contract, to provide either goods or services, are informed via e-mail.

    This decreases the need to manually monitor bid publication in the Official Register (DOU) or on the Petronect Portal, optimizing the process for suppliers.

    Participation in waiver due to value hiring processes

    Registered parties have one more benefit: To participate in waiver due to value hiring processes, known as Supplier Rotation.

    We use this methodology to hire goods and services up to the limit of the waiver of bidding due to value.

    For a company to participate in the Supplier Rotation, it is essential to be registered for the families of interest.