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    Get to know our Compliance actions and how they influence our relationship with our supply chain.


    Good corporate governance and compliance practices are pillars that support our business.

    We encourage our suppliers to implement compliance programs, setting and continually improving their governance, processes and controls to ensure compliance with the laws, standards and procedures applicable to their activities.

    The main documents that set parameters for our relationship with our suppliers are the Petrobras Program for the Prevention of Corruption (PPPC), the  Code of Ethics , the Compliance Policy and the  Conduct Guide . These documents address such issues as conflicts of interest, nepotism, money laundering, terrorist financing, and the issue of gifts and hospitality.

    To learn more about our compliance actions click here.

    Also get to know what we consider gifts and hospitality and the requirements featured in our Receipt and Offering Guide.

    Compliance clause

    Our contracts drafts include a compliance clause, which provides for compliance obligations and aims to establish a business relationship with our suppliers based on ethics, integrity and transparency.

    Among the commitments, we highlight compliance with the current legislation on the prevention of corruption, money laundering and non-compliance with trade sanctions; immediate notification of any breach of anti-corruption laws and other obligations and the implementation of appropriate compliance procedures.

    In the supply contracts, we also request permission to verify the company's compliance with the commitments made.

    Accountability for harmful acts

    Legal entities that commit harmful acts against Petrobras are subject to the Administrative Accountability Process (PAR). We use this tool to determine the companies’ liability for the practice of possible illegal acts, such as fraud and corruption, and this may result in the application of sanctions under the Anti-Corruption Law.

    If the legal entity’s liability for the unlawful act is confirmed, after the administrative procedures provided for are carried out, including the broad right to be heard, a fine of 0.1% to 20% of the gross sales for the last financial year prior to the opening of the PAR and the extraordinary publication of the sanctioning administrative decision are provided for.

    Acts considered harmful are listed in the Anti-corruption Act (Act No. 12,846/13).

    For more information on the proceedings instituted and judged by the PAR, access our Transparency Portal

    Reporting channel

    We have an external and independent Reporting Channel to register any situation that indicates there may be a breach or potential breach of ethical principles, policies, norms, laws and regulations or any other improper and/or illegal conduct. We receive complaints about our activities and about those of our subsidiaries through this channel.

    The Channel is available 24 hours a day in 3 different languages and has security mechanisms to ensure the complainant's anonymity. In addition, the site allows the complainant to track the progress of their complaint.