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We use an auxiliary procedure known as pre-qualification before beginning the hiring process where the subject matter of the bid needs a more detailed technical analysis.

This procedure consists of assessing the suppliers’ technical capacity in advance to guarantee good or service quality. It also speeds up the hiring process, since the requirements are no longer evaluated during the bidding process.

Pre-qualification may be partial or total, with some or all of the qualification requirements. A level playing field among competitors is ensured in all cases.

Call for pre-qualification

We call on suppliers to participate in pre-qualification processes through the Petronect Portal. Calls, which are public and open to any interested party to register for, are posted even without the prospect of hiring. They feature the participation rules and technical requirements for companies to qualify to provide goods or services to Petrobras.

At the end of the process, the list of approved suppliers is disclosed on the Petronect Portal. After the appeal period, these companies can be automatically registered in our Goods and Services Supplier Registry.

Notice of bid restricted to pre-qualified parties

We may open bidding procedures restricted to companies approved in the pre-qualification process. Prior to the publication of these bids, we will always issue Restricted Bid Notices featuring the deadline so that those who have not yet started their pre-qualification process can sign up and send the initial documentation required in the call. We will evaluate and disclose the result of the technical qualification of all those interested before we start the restricted bidding.

The Bid notices are published in the Federal Official Register (DOU) and posted on the Petronect Portal. In addition to the deadline for the receipt of pre-qualification requests, they state the contractual subject matter and possible places of supply for the hiring.

The pre-qualification procedure does not end within the deadline of a Notice. After this date, companies that have not yet started their pre-qualification process will continue being able to pre-qualify and may participate in other restricted bidding procedures in the future, always preceded by a Notice.

To access pre-qualification calls, click here.




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