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Contract Fulfillment (Product Order Diligence)

We monitor the acquisition processes of material carried out by Petrobras' Procurement area in the national and international market through a Purchase Order.

Occupation Area

We work to ensure compliance with agreed contractual terms and conditions and Material Supply Conditions - CFM, throughout the duration of the order, that is, from its issuance and acceptance by the supplier until the entry of the material into Petrobras and payment to Supplier, supplying material demands for the Company's administrative and operational areas.

Diligence contributes to the solution of pending issues, doubts and divergences that occurred during the validity of the purchase order, as well as guidance on service priorities, scheduled maintenance stops, contractual termination processes, application of fines, treatment of divergent deliveries and Consequences, having an interface with several internal and external areas of the company, such as Suppliers, Contracting, Demand Management, Contract Management, Quality, Warehouses, Finance, Tax, Customs, End Users, Audits, among others.

The distribution of areas responsible for diligence takes into account the type of purchase order, type of material and Supplier. Therefore, it is important for the Supplier to identify the dispatcher responsible for monitoring the purchase order itself, keeping him/her informed about the delivery forecast and other aspects related to the supply that strengthen the commercial relationship with Petrobras.

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Suppliers can access diligence services by opening a ticket at the link here




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