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Esg, Innovation and Compliance

Learn about our Sustainability initiatives, Compliance actions, Innovation programs, Human Rights Guidelines and how they influence the relationship with our supply chain.
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In the relationship with suppliers, partners and other members of the supply chain, Petrobras considers encourages and values the adoption of best practices in HSE and sustainability in the supply of goods and services.

Through this channel, we invite our suppliers to know and to share our sustainability strategy, which is based on the strong  commitment of accelerating the decarbonization of our operations and to always act ethically and transparently, with safe operations respecting the people and the environment.

In the areas of climate change, biodiversity, water and environmental impacts, our commitments are:


  • Reduction of total operational Absolute emissionas by  30%² by 2030
  • Zero routine flaring by 2030
  • Reinjection of 80 million tCO2 by 2025 in CCUS projects
  • GHG intensity in the E&P segment: achieve portfolio intensity of 15kgCO2e/boe by 2025, maintaining  15kgCO2e/boe by 2030
  • GHG intensity in the Refining segment: achieve an intensity of 36kgCO2e/CWT by 2025 and 30kgCO2e/CWT by 2030
  • Consolidatin of 55% reduction in the intensity of methane emissions in the upstream segment by 2025, reaching 0,29 t CH4/thousand tHC


  • Neutralize emissions (scopes 1 and 2) in activities under our control and influence partners to achieve the same goal in non-operated assets by 2050³


  • 40% reduction of our withdrawn freshwater by 2030
  • 30%  reduction in solid waste generated in processes by 2030
  • Allocation of 80% of solid waste generated in processes for RRR by 2030
  • 100% of our facilities with a Biodiversity Action Plan by 2025
Access our full Sustainability Report.

Our Ethical Conduct Guide for suppliers emphasizes the care for life, the environment and the promotion of ethical and safe behavior, such as:

Preventing and mitigating environmental impacts resulting from its activities and products, seeking to improve the quality of the environmental;

Strengthening the Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) culture  and the climate change mitigation with a focus on education, training, awareness, learning from experience and sharing lessons learned;


With the aim of contributing to our strategic goal of zero fatalities and the prevention of work and environmental accidents in our operations, we encourage service provider companies to invest in improving operational performance. Accordingly, we have developed several excellence programs that regularly assess compliance with best practices and standards of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) as well as Legal Requirements, such as: 

PEOTRAM - Operational Excellence Program for Air and Maritime Transportation 

This is the annual audit system for Petrobras' air and maritime transportation operations, aimed at achieving operational excellence in the provision of helicopter and specialized maritime support vessel services. This program is used as an evaluation criterion in the company's contracting processes, and since 2021, the system has been adapted to consider companies' greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) requirements. 

PEO-SONDAS - Operational Excellence Program for Maritime Rigs 

This program aims to enhance operational and process safety through the management of higher-quality operations among contracted maritime drilling companies, emphasizing practices of continuous improvement and management excellence. To achieve these goals, the program incorporates third-party audits at the contractors' onshore and offshore units to assess their management system across Human Resources, Asset Management, Integration, QHSE, Operations, and Supplier Management. 

PEOTER - Program for Excellence in Onshore Operations 

This program aims to develop suppliers of onshore operations services in matters of Operational Excellence and Safety, standardizing and enhancing management practices and onshore operations, considering their characteristics and associated risks, the program contributes to strengthening a culture of accident prevention, environmental preservation, and health promotion. 

The scoring of companies in these excellence programs is already used as a competitive advantage in vessel procurement bids, ensuring that companies with better results and distinct safety standards are contracted, thereby recognizing suppliers with superior performance. 

Likewise, competitive advantages are granted to maritime vessels and rigs with lower fuel consumption. It is important to emphasize that fuel economy directly correlates with the reduction of CO2 emissions, aligning with Petrobras' decarbonization objectives and goals. 




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