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Payment Terms Reduction from 90 to 30 days

Last Friday April 12th 2024, Petrobras Executive Board approved the reduction of the payment term to thirty (30) days, in contracts to be implemented as of May 1st. Since 2020, some segments of companies have started to receive payment for their contracts within 90 days.

Now, the 30-day period will be resumed and standardized. The change is in line with Petrobras' 24-28 Strategic Plan, with the strengthening of the financial health of its supply chain, in addition to meeting social commitments along with the company's ESG agenda. The goal is to maintain a healthy supplier base, which will help the company achieve its planned goals for the coming years.

We emphasize that the current contracts will not change their respective payment terms already agreed, and there will be no amendments to review the original conditions of the payment clause.


Payments are made according to the nature of the service or the supply of the material.

The terms of payments for service contracts are defined in the Legal Contractual Instrument (ICJ). 

In cases of supply of materials, the payment condition is addressed in the Petrobras Material Supply Conditions (CFM) and brought in the purchase order.

In the case of sporadic and low value contracts, the deadline for payment of small services is established in the service record sheet (FRS) and, in the case of materials, the deadline for payment is defined in the purchase order.

If you have any questions or inconsistencies, please contact Supplier Service

Invoice for collection of service provision

The process for payment of services is started from the sending of the Service Record Sheet (FRS) or the measurement report. To make the payment, the supplier does not need to go to one of our facilities. Simply access the SAP Business Network Portal and send the invoice. 

Only documents such as Receipts, Invoices, bills, which are not available electronically, need to be physically sent by the supplier to the address:

Petróleo Brasileiro S/A - Petrobras

Av. República do Chile, n°. 65
Centro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ - CEP 20031-912
Ed. EDISE - 13° andar - sala 1301
Subject: Document filed by the Petronect Portal - Filing

To monitor the progress of the payment, the supplier must access the SAP Business Network Portal, Payments tab.

If there is inconsistency in the information sent for admission of the invoice, it will be rejected with diagnostic information and guidance for readmission. It is very important that there is only one billing document (Nota Fiscal, Bill, Invoice) for each shipment, at risk of cancellation of the shipment.

Goods Invoice and Transportation Service

The protocol for payments of materials or transportation service is automatically generated from the receipt of the XML file of the Electronic Invoice or Bill of Lading (NF-e, in model 55 and CT-e, in model 57). This document must be sent by the supplier in XML format in the SAP Ariba Portal, invoices tab or to the email:

When choosing to forward the XML file by email, it is essential that the supplier access the SAP Business Network Portal to monitor the demand status and the processing of XML file receipt. There is a possibility that the file may be modified by the software used for issuance and, consequently, be corrupted for receipt.

The system validates the invoice with the purchase order previously registered and assigns to the payment process the RECE status, which indicates the awaiting receipt of the material to invoice the NF-e. In the case of Bill of Lading – Cte, the progress of the payment process requires the person responsible for the contract or order to carry out an action to associate the internal SAP document with the electronic Bill of Lading.

The progress of the payment process, as well as obtaining the proof of payment, can be monitored in the SAP Business Network Portal Payments tab.

Anticipation of Payments

If it is necessary to enable financing or anticipation of invoices, the development programs can be triggered:

Mais Valor Program


Progredir Program




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