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Get to know the main aspects involved in managing a contract.
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Quality of goods

We evaluate our suppliers’ quality systems to make sure goods are supplied to Petrobras pursuant to the contractual technical requirements.

We carry out quality audits at the premises of the suppliers and their subsuppliers to check the quality:
  • Of the quality management system;
  • Of the good manufacturing process;
  • Of the final product;
  • Of the records issued by the inspection body.
Quality audits will be carried out in accordance with the general quality requirement, the complementary quality requirement, and the contractual technical requirements, pursuant to Petrobras’ needs. An Audit Guide – Quality Requirements can be consulted in this channel.

General quality requirement: Sets the minimum quality requirements to be met in the supply of goods in direct and indirect purchases whose end customer is Petrobras.

Complementary quality requirement: Complementary quality requirements are specific to particular families and set additional requirements for the manufacturing inspection of that good. They should be requested at the beginning of the quality audit process.

In the User Guide - Quality Requirements it is possible to consult the Quality Requirements applicable to each family.

Also get to know our Quality Guide, a quality management model in the supply of goods and services and what is expected from the entire supply chain.

If you have any question, please contact us at

Quality E-learning Training

Access our e-learning course on the quality and inspection process in the supply of goods to Petrobras.

By clicking on the link below, you will be redirected to the UP-Academy Supply and after a brief registration, you will be able to perform the training.





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