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Esg, Innovation and Compliance

Learn about our Sustainability initiatives, Compliance actions, Innovation programs, Human Rights Guidelines and how they influence the relationship with our supply chain.
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Climate Change Mitigation

It is of extreme relevance to recognize the challenges and opportunities associated with climate change and the energy transition. Petrobras believes that achieving climate and sustainability goals are critical for social well-being and economic resilience, contributing to increasing productivity and, combined with other measures, to reducing inequality.

In the context of climate change mitigation, we have achieved expressive reductions in operational emissions in recent years. We have the ambition to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions in activities under our control (Scopes 1 and 2) and influence our partners to achieve the same ambition in assets not operated by Petrobras, in a period compatible with the Paris Agreement.

To accelerate the company's decarbonization, contributing to the global cause of climate change mitigation, it is essential the supply chain engagement to:
  • knowing the greenhouse gas emissions related to the contracted services and products;
  • establishing actions to provide the reduction of GHG emissions, whether in the efficiency of production and logistics processes or in technology  innovation offering products with less impact.
Regarding engagement and quantification of greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain (scopes 1 and 3), our main sources of information are the companie's sustainability reports, the GHG Protocol and the company survey carried out in partnership with CDP - Supply Chain. Visit the CDP website for up-to-date information.

CDP Supply Chain

We invited some of our suppliers to answer the CDP Supply Chain questionnaire. CDP is an international non-profit organization that maps greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption.

The objective of the initiative is to encourage suppliers to measure and report emissions, in the context of the transition to a low-carbon economy and manage water resources. The participation of Suppliers is voluntary, meanwhile we reinforce that this partnership is very important for us to continue being a Class A company in supplier engagement, just as we were in 2022! If your company is interested in participating in the next cycle, click here.

Watch the guidance videos on the CDP Supply Chain platform:
Live CDP 23/04/27
Webinar CDP 23/05/11
First CDP meeting  23/06/15
Second CDP meeting 23/06/28
Second Live CDP 23/09/14

Get ready for the next CDP Supply Chain cycle. Access and learn with the guidance on the climate change questionnaire at
On this topic, it is also possible to take free courses at CDP Education, at




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