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Esg, Innovation and Compliance

Learn about our Sustainability initiatives, Compliance actions, Innovation programs, Human Rights Guidelines and how they influence the relationship with our supply chain.
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Connections for Innovation

For Petrobras, Technology and Innovation are more than just part of the business. That's why we position them as central elements to ensure competitiveness, safety, and future value generation.

Digitization and automation of processes, artificial intelligence, digital twins, analytics, high-performance computers, and mixed reality are just a few examples of cutting-edge digital technologies applied to our business every day.

It is this innovative culture that drives us to face challenges and find solutions, preparing us for a sustainable future and positive results in an increasingly competitive scenario.

In the Connections for Innovation Program, we promote a series of initiatives to intensify our integration with the innovation ecosystem, especially science and technology institutions, universities, startups, companies from different sectors, and entrepreneurial researchers.
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Innovation is also about connecting to learn and share knowledge. That's why we have different projects to expand these connections. To learn more, click here. If you have any questions, please contact us at




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