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Get to know the MAIS VALOR Program

Through the Mais Valor Program, our Suppliers can anticipate their invoices safely, quickly and at more attractive rates.

Advantages of the anticipation of invoices program

The Mais Valor Program contributes to the optimization of working capital by enabling the commercial operation of anticipating invoices.

In addition, because it considers Petrobras' payment risk, it provides more competitive rates and, due to the interface with new Financial Agents, provides a greater financial volume.

The entire process is done online, through a platform that is already reputable in the market and easy to navigate.

But how does the Mais Valor Program work?

Through the program's platform, suppliers will be able to view their invoices and request, with participating financial agents, the advance payment of invoices for goods and services.

The big news is the concept of reverse auction. We will have a daily auction between multiple financial agents and you will always anticipate your securities at the lowest rate of this auction!

Consolidation of the Mais Valor Program

With just over 3 years of existence, the Mais Valor Program has already reached R$ 24 billion in anticipations of invoices from Petrobras suppliers. The Program is part of an important initiative of the company to promote the development of the oil and gas production chain. Since its launch in December 2020, the financial solutions platform has already enabled the anticipation of almost 186 thousand invoices. There are now more than 2,900 registered suppliers.

What now? How do I participate?

To participate, simply register your user and your company through the link: and, if you want to know more information about the program, go to:

- Regulation for adhesion to the Mais Valor program

- Draft of the Supplier's Term of Adhesion

Progredir Program

The Progredir Portal will be maintained and will continue with the operations of anticipation of invoices for the companies PBIO and PBLOG and with the operation of contracts of the companies Petrobras S/A, PBIO and PBLOG.




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