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ESG, Innovation and Compliance

Learn about our Sustainability initiatives, Compliance actions, Innovation programs, Human Rights Guidelines and how they influence the relationship with our supply chain.
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Integrity Due Diligence

One of the actions that are part of the Petrobras Compliance Program is the Integrity Due Diligence (IDD), which aims to increase security in the contracting of goods and services and to mitigate possible risks in the relationship with our suppliers, subsidizing the evaluation of the criterion Integrity.
To meet this criterion, companies need to provide information on their organizational structure, relationships with public and political agents, integrity record, third party relationships and integrity program. This information supports the IDD procedure, the result of which is the attribution of the Integrity Risk Level (IRL), which can be low, medium or high.
Reinforcing Petrobras' commitment to the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) theme, in October 2023, the Human Rights and Personal Data Protection aspects were included in the Integrity Due Diligence Questionnaire . The information collected on these topics will be used for Petrobras' proactive engagement with its supplier chain.
Get to know which information is analyzed on the  DDI Procedure.




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