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Material delivery scheduling

Since May, Petrobras has had a solution for Scheduling the Delivery of New Materials at the ARM-Rio (Cordovil) and ARM-Macaé warehouses.

Thus, in order to deliver new materials to these units, it will be necessary to schedule them on the scheduling portal:

For the other Petrobras units, deliveries must be carried out without scheduling. If you have requested an appointment for another warehouse other than ARM-Rio (Cordovil) and ARM-Macaé, your request will be automatically cancelled.

Guidelines for deliveries at ARM-Rio (Cordovil) and ARM-Macaé:

To request the scheduling of a new delivery, the person responsible for the registered delivery must access the link, select the “B2C Azure Ariba” option and follow the steps below:

Deliveries by the supplier
  • The supplier must Click on “SAP Business Network – Supplier”.
  • After opening the Ariba login tab, the supplier must enter their credentials.
Deliveries by Carrier
  • The supplier must register a carrier through the “Carrier Registration” application, informing the carrier's email.
  • The carrier must click on “Register”, fill in the e-mail field with the same e-mail address provided by the supplier and create a password for access.
ATTENTION: who must make the appointment via the portal is responsible for the delivery at Petrobras. ONE SCHEDULE PER VEHICLE must be made, even if it concentrates the delivery of materials from multiple suppliers.

To support in scheduling, we provide the main questions and answers in this document:  FAQ Scheduling Deliveries

In addition, we turn available in the links below, training materials to assist the material delivery scheduling platform at Petrobras:

Guide – Carrier Registration
Guide – Delivery Scheduling Request
Guide – Delivery Scheduling Inquiry
Guide – Attach Technical Document
LIVE - Scheduling Delivery at Petrobras (18.05.23)




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