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Esg, Innovation and Compliance

Learn about our Sustainability initiatives, Compliance actions, Innovation programs, Human Rights Guidelines and how they influence the relationship with our supply chain.
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Category Segmentation

Petrobras approaches the market at different levels of relevance by segmenting the market into categories such as "strategic," "critical," "operational," or "simplified," considering the criticality and economic impacts of each type of service or good, as illustrated below:
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The categories are defined considering criteria for economic impacts and the level of criticality. Among the criteria for economic impacts, we highlight the relevance of the good or service to achieve the objectives defined in Petrobras' Strategic Plan, as well as the contracted volume and expenditure value in each category, and the annual frequency and average value of orders placed within the category.

The criteria for the level of criticality of the category encompass the level of economic concentration in the market, difficulties in ensuring continuous supply, predominantly international market, level of competition, risks related to health, safety, and the environment (HSE), compliance risks, occurrences of violations of contractual or regulatory issues, operational impacts, distribution channels, and inability to stock, and the level of industry innovation.

Critical Suppliers Screening

In order to focus on monitoring, communication, and management actions regarding the supplier base, Petrobras adopts a classification of suppliers based on their commercial relevance.

Periodically, suppliers are categorized through an ABC analysis: Group A suppliers represent 80% of expenses; Group B suppliers represent 10% of expenses, between 80% and 90%; Group C suppliers encompass the remaining suppliers.

For the calculation, expenditure from the previous year to the reference year is considered, and suppliers may be added based on other criteria, such as: a) Balance of current contracts; b) Relevance in the expenditure of the families they serve; c) Subjective analysis from the areas involved in category management.

Hence, critical suppliers will be those included in Group A of the ABC analysis of expenditure or those added through other criteria at the time of analysis.

Significant Suppliers Screening

On a regular basis, in order to identify significant suppliers, we conduct a mapping of companies that participate in the markets of strategic and critical categories and had greater commercial relevance to Petrobras in the previous year, aiming to identify potential Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks, as presented below:
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Suppliers Monitoring and Assessment

Petrobras has several evaluation systems that work in a complementary manner to assess its supplier base proactively and reactively. These systems include:

Registration evaluation criteria: Legal, Economic, Technical, and Technical-HSE criteria are determined based on the type of supply and families provided by the supplier who wishes to register with Petrobras.

Integrity Evaluation: Assessment of information regarding reputation, integrity, and anti-corruption practices based on the completion of the Integrity Due Diligence questionnaire.

Pre-Qualification: An auxiliary procedure for bidding processes that require a more detailed technical analysis.

Performance Evaluation: Periodic evaluation of the performance of Petrobras suppliers in supply contracts for goods and services.

Quality Audit: Evaluation of our suppliers' quality systems to ensure the supply of goods to Petrobras in accordance with contractual technical requirements.

Discrepancy Resolution Process: Suppliers are invited to analyze discrepancies together with Petrobras. After the analysis, it is the supplier's responsibility to correct the identified issues, identify the root cause of the discrepancy, eliminate it, and propose corrective actions.

Sanction Application Analysis Committee: Established in situations where a supplier engages in illicit acts or acts that cause or have the potential to cause harm to Petrobras.

Contract Management: Monitoring and verification of compliance with contractual obligations to ensure that activities are carried out as stipulated in the contract.

Additionally, we actively monitor the supplier market using external databases. These data sources provide financial information, credit ratings, corporate structure, national and international sanctions, environmental, social, and governance aspects, as well as media monitoring of our suppliers. By utilizing these tools, we can conduct a more comprehensive and strategic analysis of the supplier market, enabling closer relationships and the mitigation of supply risks.

External and internal information is consolidated in internal dashboards that allow for supplier tracking and evaluation. These insights are used in various processes involving engagement with the supplier market, such as category management, procurement, negotiation, contract management, supplier-focused events, among others.

ESG Dimensions

Petrobras is committed to conducting its business with integrity and sustainability, prioritizing safety, reducing emissions, promoting diversity and social development, and contributing to a fair energy transition and the development of sustainability experts.

In our supply chain, we monitor various aspects related to the ESG dimensions, which are reflected in our processes, especially those that have greater relevance to our business. These aspects are addressed in several supplier screening processes, including integrity evaluation, performance evaluation, contract management, and the Sanction Application Analysis Committee, as detailed earlier.

Furthermore, we engage with our supplier base through questionnaires related to greenhouse gas emissions, water resources, and human rights.

Lastly, we conduct continuous media monitoring to identify potential ESG risks that could impact our operations or supply chain, aiming to prevent and mitigate subsequent risks




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