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Get to know the benefits of being in our Suppliers Registry and learn how to get registered.
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Supplier register

The Goods and Services Supplier Registry brings together Brazilian and foreign companies interested in participating in our hiring processes.

By the means of the registry, we evaluate, in advance, the supplier’s economic and legal situation. It minimizes the supplier’s risks of being disqualified, thus ensuring more agility in the hiring processes.

The supplier registration process is carried out through a computerized system available on the Petronect Portal and is permanently open to interested parties.

The supply lines available for registration are grouped into families, taking in consideration the peculiarities of the goods to be supplied or services to be provided.

The choice of families determines the participation in the Corporate Registry or in the Simplified Registry (yellow page families).

The Corporate Registry is linked to the supply of goods and services of greater complexity, size or value, available to Brazilian and foreign companies, while the Simplified Registry is for goods and services of local interest and less complexity, size or value and is available only to Brazilian companies.

It is important for the supplier to know the families of interest before starting their registration. Click here to get to know our supply list.

Roles and responsibilities of Petrobras and Petronect

The Goods and Services Suppliers Registry is maintained jointly by Petrobras and Petronect, which play different roles as it.

Petrobras is responsible for managing the families and the evaluation questionnaires, answering questions about the registration process and evaluating requests for supplier registration. Petronect, meanwhile, is responsible for keeping the portal available, providing support for the use of the Petronect Portal and for training the suppliers’ users to navigate on it.

Keep your Petrobras Supplier Registry Updated

The collaborative relationship with our suppliers over the years has been essential to Petrobras' success. We deeply value the partnership we have with the supplier market as it enables us to ensure quality, efficiency, and innovation in all our operations.

The supplier registry is our primary means of communication with you.

It is essential to keep your registration information up to date, as this is crucial to ensure the security, integrity, and compliance of the contracting process.
Access your registration on the Petronect Portal and verify if your registration details are up to date: basic, user, banking, and supply data. If you identify any needs, please update them promptly.

Stay alert to new publications and guidance on this Supplier Channel. We are constantly seeking improvements in our processes, and it is crucial that you stay updated. 




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