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Get to know the benefits of being in our Suppliers Registry and learn how to get registered.
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SAP Ariba

Since December 14, 2022, transactions of fiscal documents (invoices) for goods and services and purchase orders for goods are being carried out through the SAP Business Network (Ariba Network) portal. We have prepared a video that provides more details about the tool and this change. CLICK HERE.

Continuing with the implementation of SAP Ariba at Petrobras, we have started executing direct contracting processes under the Value-Based Procurement Exemption (DLV) modality in the new tool.Parte superior do formulário

In order to minimize the impact on suppliers, we are undergoing a gradual transition of these contracting processes that currently take place on the Petronect Portal. For a period of time, both solutions will be available, we will gradually transition to running all DLV processes in SAP Ariba.

The remaining contracting processes and supplier registration will continue to take place normally on the Petronect Portal and will be migrated to SAP Ariba later.
We will take advantage of the monthly meetings with suppliers to share information about the new functionalities.

Direct procurements through Value-Based Procurement Exemption (DLV), for goods and services

Letter to the Supplier Market
SAP Ariba Live – DLV – December/23
SAP Ariba Live - DLV - January/24

We have prepared a guide to introduce the new hiring process in SAP Ariba. You can learn more details about the Supplier Journey Guide.

Training on the SAP Business Network (Ariba Network) portal

Access the Supplier Training Portal and obtain access to relevant information for your training on the new tool and its functionalities. Functional training, support handbooks, FAQs, and much more are available.

Support for Suppliers
Visit the Supplier Service area to learn more about supplier support channels.

How we are currently operating
The diagram below shows how we are currently operating in each of the purchasing portals:
In 2022, we implemented the registration module, and in 2023 we have started the implementation of the module for value-based procurement exemption (DLV) for goods and services.
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Communication with suppliers
Suppliers will be informed about the project's progress through our official channels, especially the Supplier Channel and communications via email. In some cases, they may be contacted through phone calls and emails from SAP, our implementation partner, providing guidance on actions that need to be taken.

Updated registration!
It is very important to keep your registrations updated on Petronect because that is where we will retrieve the necessary information for sending communications and future contracting processes.

Access the Step-by-Step Guide to the Invoice Inquiry and Payment Details and Finance processes in SAP Ariba by clicking here.





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